Bio-Міneralis (inoculum for soya + ME)COMPOSITION. Gel preparation of yellow colour with specific smell of nutrient yeast environment, which is a liquid concentrated mixture, based on culture of nitrogen-fixing nodule bacteria Rhizobium japonicum (titre 5х109 CFU/сm3), activated by nanocarboxylic acids of Со, Мо, Mg.

DESCRIPTION. Bio-Міneralis (inoculum for soya + ME) contributes to biological recovery of soil and reduces harmful effects of nitrates from prolonged use of chemical fertilizers, allows more economical and efficient use of mineral fertilizers. Nitrogen-fixing bacteria that are developing in the root zone of leguminous plants enrich soil with biological nitrogen, which is at most fixed from the air, thus improving nitrogen nutrition of plants. Microelements that are contained in inoculum increase germination energy, contribute to dynamic growth and development of root system, provide early and simultaneous sprouts culture.

PURPOSE. Influence of Bio-Міneralis (inoculum for soya + ME) is based on ability of beneficial microorganisms, contained in it, to absorb nitrogen from atmospheric air and convert it into available for plants, to provide them with cheap, ecologically pure nitrogen due to symbiotic relationships with
the plant, to form a more developed root system, to synthesize growth-stimulating substances, to inhibit growth of plant-pathogenic microflora (plant pathogens) due to competitive dominance. Nodule bacteria of Bio-Міneralis (inoculum for soya + ME) have a unique symbiotic affinity for soybeans, which ensures a stable effect.

Pecularities of preparation

  • increases yielding capacity of grain legumes by 15 - 30%;
  • stimulates absorption of macro- and microelements from soil;
  • restores and improves soil fertility, enriching them with cheap biologically fixed atmosphere nitrogen without additional application of nitrogen fertilizers;
  • positively influences on subsequent harvest in the rotation;
  • enriches soil with nodule bacteria, specific only for soybean and necessary for its proper growth and development;
  • improves quality of cultivated production, increases content of proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates;
  • increases resistance of plants to diseases;
  • is not washing out from soil.

The product is used for pre-sowing soybean seeds’ inoculation be means of mechanized (concrete mixer or machines for seed pickling, or manual processing of seed material. Bacterization is carried out on the day of sowing. One ton of seeds requires 1.5 l of preparation, which is diluted to 8,0 - 10,0 litres of working solution. For better application of inoculum on seed surface, preparation contains biological adhesives. Regardless of bacterization type, seeds must be dried after processing to avoid decrease of seeding rate.

During seeds’ processing Bio-Міneralis (inoculum for soya + ME) can be combined with insecticides and fungicides (except those that contain copper (Cu) and ecologically clean microelements of Nano-Міneralis, PK.

Attention!!! Working solution shouldn’t be stored for more than 1 day. Conduct processing, avoiding direct sunlight, preferably in the morning or in the evening! Processed seeds should be sown in 2 days.

Storage. Store at temperature from +30C to +150C in a dark place, protected from
direct sunlight, separately from pesticides. Increasing of temperature during
storage leads to reduction preparation shelf life.

Warranty period of storage. 6 months from manufacturing date.